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Mechanical vibration isolators

A Simple Introduction to Vibration Isolation

Today’s industrialized world is full of mechanical vibrations and these vibrations are all around us. Transportation, energy, technology, entertainment, communication, healthcare, finance and so much more would jackhammer through our lives each day if not for a simple solution called a vibration isolator.

Simply put, vibration isolators are commonly used in applications where mechanical vibrations occur to dampen those vibrations. Vibration isolators are most often made from bonding various metals and rubber compounds together in a process called vulcanization. The variability of metals and rubber compounds offers flexibility to isolate vibrations properly and withstand the unique environmental conditions each isolator will be subjected to in its application.

Enterprise Rubber, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing vibration isolation mounts for nearly 50 years. Our off-the-shelf parts are manufactured in common sizes and configurations but can also be customized based on the unique requirements of our customers. We manufacture in a variety of compounds, durometers, and mount configurations. Read on for a brief explanation of our most common mount types.   

*PLEASE NOTE – Vibration isolation mounts are designed to be used in compression and shear applications and are not recommended when pull-force or torque-force is required. It is your responsibility to determine whether our off-the-shelf parts will work in your application, even when customization or manufacture-to-order occurs.