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Tarp Straps

Our tarp straps come in two distinct styles, the Square strap and the Platinum strap.

Our line of Square straps has been popular for almost 50 years. Our Square straps have been responsibly and intentionally designed for efficient manufacturing with very little waste. This feature allows us to offer our customers a super-tough strap at a great price, and it allows our customers to help us reduce waste without compromising performance.

Rubber tarp straps

Our Platinum straps can be distinguished from our Square straps by their teardrop-shaped ends. Like our Square straps, Platinum straps are built to last and are a favorite choice for many of our customers. Platinum Straps have been designed for durability and performance in a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions.

Both strap lines are made from the same base EPDM compound and are designed for long-lasting performance in outdoor environments that no other rubber compound can match. EPDM has exceptional properties related to UV, ozone and weather resistance, chemical resistance, and water and heat tolerance. EPDM is the best choice for straps because of their durability, resilience, and potential for longevity.